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Grace Teleinfra Pvt. Ltd.

Grace Teleinfra Pvt Ltd is a leading Internet Service Provider, IP1, PMWANI licensed by DoT, India. With over 15 years of experience and expertise, we have connected over 30,000 satisfied residential and more than 250 commercial users. Office and residence, we will bring both wired and wireless technology at your service, with dedicated 24X7 NOC support. We offer complete solutions for internet industry as a leader since our establishment from 2016 our innovative technologies and a wide service network has helped subscribers to enjoy high speed internet services at most affordable rates.

Our Prime Focus is on the Fiber Optic connectivity as it has the potential to improvise connectivity solutions due to great qualities, such as being very reliable and immune to electromagnetic interference, unlike copper. Fiber has the bandwidth capability from 10 gigabits per second all the way up to 31 terabits per second. Without boosting stations (which boost or amplify the signal as it travels, and commonly used with copper), fiber can transmit signals up to 150 miles without regeneration. Right now, there are fiber cables that run along the ocean floor, connecting countries across the globe through high speed Internet access. We at Grace strive to achieve the best quality standards on the grounds of gratitude with a strong vision to cross all the barriers that come in the way to develop a strong network connectivity.


On Growth Path Since Inception

Consumers and businesses are accustomed to the idea that they should be able to connect to the Internet from anywhere whether at home or While sitting in a local coffee shop or at their corporate offices as an employee or employer. In order to achieve connectivity at high speed , Companies have to invest in expensive infrastructure that includes fiber optic cables. We at Grace ensure that all the aspects are measured And taken to an extent of customer satisfaction in all the domains as a service provide.


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Few Great Reasons Make
You Choose us

At Grace Teleinfra, we believe in empowering our customers to make the most of the Fast Internet changing technology. We have the upgraded technology, the experienced people, efficiency and the drive to help bring you up to speed with the rest of the world. We provide service to various segments for their internet requirements, we offer reduced cost of service, better quality, faster speed, increased security and immediate installation with superior customer support for internet. Given an opportunity we will suggest our expertise for your internet data needs and we will be part of your business growth.

24×7 NOC support with well Experienced NOC Team

Grace Teleinfra Pvt Ltd has “Dual Backhaul Connectivity” with the data center located in Pune which hosts Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft and many other global Internet giants.

We have a strong and stable infrastructure at its “Core Network”, which will carry smoothly. All the data/voice/video traffic of network smoothly.

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Our Vision

Grace Teleinfra wants to revamp and to connect every corner of India with high speed internet to technologize people in this digital age

Our Mission

Grace Teleinfra wants to provide latest technologies all over India to connect the world with Ultra-Fast internet access and best in class service till 2025 to support Digital India. This may definitely lead our company to become most admired internet service provider in Top 3 ISP segment of india and also we shall be able to create 10,000+ employment opportunities to support Indian economy

Our Values

1. Customer centric Approach
3.Respect & Trust
4. Continuous Innovation
5. Be a socially and environmentally responsible company


Our Partners