Few Great Reasons Make
You Choose us

Grace means smoothness and elegance of movement which defines our value system at Grace Teleinfra. We are against the policy of 'business at any cost', and believe firmly in our value system; these values become our guiding principles in our day to day work. We will not compromise on these values even under extreme pressure.

  • Passion for excellence
  • Strive for continuous innovation
  • Put the customer first, Build trust through transparency
  • Be a socially and environmentally responsible company
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Our Vision

Grace Teleinfra envisions a highly developed intranet that will be attractive to foreign companies as a low cost location for computer dependant operations presently located in other countries To make best educational resources available to every primary school by providing free wireless Internet services.

Our Mission

To build a Internet access network using Fibre and wireless transmission equipment complemented by optical fiber sub-networks. To deliver world class Internet connectivity and quality postsales support. To build a lasting relationship with our service communities.


Fiber Optic Network (FTTH)
Wireless Technology RF
Lease Line Circuit Switching
Point-to-Point radio link Long range, high capacity WiFi.